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 Clan Citadel resources

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PostSubject: Clan Citadel resources   Clan Citadel resources I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2012 2:39 pm

Hi all!

So, as I was asked to go through the updates and resources we need I was looking around and I think that based on what we have been needing for the citadel our weekly resources needs will be something among the lines of:

  • Woodcutting: 500/person
  • Mining Stone: 500/person
  • Firemaking/Charcoal: 120/person
  • Mining Ore: 120/person
  • Smithing Metal: 120/person

That will leave you with around 40 resources you're free to use in any plot you wish, I wouldn't advise smithing metal, though, for the reason I shall explain next

Now, I understand that some of you don't like/want to skill up in a certain plot, and for that reason I would want to ask that you asked someone that was willing to 'trade' the cap with you, as in "if you do my 500wc, I'll mine 500stone in your stead", meaning that the one not wanting to woodcut would mine 1000 stone to cover up for both players, and the second player would cut 1000 wood.
And why's that you ask? Well, every time the cap ends (Mondays) our resources are used on Upkeeps and Upgrades, but however, some other materials (as metal bars and others) that aren't used are likely to disappear if not used, therefore wasting your efforts of collecting (more) than what you should have. This way we assure we have continuous materials for upkeeps and upgrades and that no material goes to the thrash bin every monday Smile


On a side note, I thought I could share the upgrades I was planing, you're free to suggest something I missed, we can discuss why it should/shouldn't be there:

  1. Stronghold Tier 4
  2. Woodcutting Tier 4, Mining Plots Tier 4, Storehouse Tier 4 if possible, if not, prioritize it the following week
  3. (Storehouse Tier 4), Kiln Tier 4, Furnace Tier 2

Also, I believe we shouldn't upgrade the Stronghold (Citadel Tier) to Tier 5, because that will prevent us from upgrading anything else inside the citadel (or even forcing us to downgrade the Tier) in case there aren't enough people capping (20 for an Upkeep, 35 for an Upgrade).

Thank you for reading, and don't forget capping! Smile

Have fun
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Citadel resources   Clan Citadel resources I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2012 2:54 pm

In response to this, need someone to permanently trade. I will do their 500 stone for 500 wood please Smile
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Clan Citadel resources
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