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 A message to all

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PostSubject: A message to all   Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:46 pm


I am a very busy person, i have real world issues, and coming home to see a happy, fun, loving, clan is what i want to see. It's really all i'm asking for, for you to cap, help around, be kind, treat people like family. If there are any more 'trash talking', 'fights', or any other 'drama' by my high ranks/staff, then i will have to temporarily shut down the clan. If you wish to leave after that, is your choice, cause if my rules aren't to be followed then there will be no clan for a while. Take this in deep. I put thought into this, and if anyone objects and would like to argue with me, nows your chance.

p.s. i will be taking a break from Runescape for the time being until i return with membership, i will have eyes updating me on what happens within the clan chat.


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A message to all
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