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 Explicit CLAN Announcement!

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PostSubject: Explicit CLAN Announcement!   Sat May 26, 2012 11:51 am

As being your leader i've been examining and seeing throughout the clan amongst rule followers, and recruitments.

Ladies and gentlemen, our clan is slowly dieing, we need to start recruiting once more, 143 members. Our goal is 150+ members.

let's get to it! no slacking lets get to it, also Organizers get events going! it's your responsibility to organize events, Coordinators same for you, make sure these

Events are going! and successful, push members to join them, without hesitation. You are granted powers of kicking/ commanding clan members for a reason!

by the power invested in me you have to put your powers to use! get this amazing clan back up and running, i have trust in you all, we can do it.

we are, Nerdz.

- Orgz

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Explicit CLAN Announcement!
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