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 Vampires gotta love em!

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PostSubject: Vampires gotta love em!   Wed May 23, 2012 5:14 am

Look I know everyone is thinking 'twilight fan' when they read this but its not where I base my vampires on...I first got into vampires when I read 'The Vampire Armand' by Anne Rice and they are much better and less fluffy even though I do like twilight...what can I say I love Vampires lol so this is just a small fraction of one of the stories I have written...just let me know what you think...

Nothing stirred in the darkness, the pale moonlight shone weakly detecting no movement as the heavy clouds passed in its way, but down on the cold pavement littered with coke cans, crisp packets and paper was a not an unusual sight from a distance was a man and woman embracing in an intimate embrace but if you were to look closer the woman had her mouth
against the mans neck, her deep emerald eyes gazing lovingly at him, the man made a gutteral noise in the back of his throat as he sensed death itself upon him, the womans pearly white fangs imbedded into the soft sink and her mouth enclosing around the wound she had made drinking his thick rich red blood as she saw his past deeds flitter into her mind she had chosen well, his evilness seeping into her skin and filling her, giving her energy and power. His heart beat stuttered
and she withdrew her mouth and placed him against the cold wall and watched the light fade from his grey eyes, the woman felt nothing as the his heart cease to beat again, she wiped her mouth knowing she had not spilt a drop but it was more out of
habit then anything else. Her short black hair was tied in a ponytail and her pale skin was flawless, she left the alleyway knowing the mans death would not create a stir for he was a known murderer and drug abuser.
" Evil to feed evil, how peotic." Her gentle voice said to herself as she stole into the darkness. Nothing moved in the early hours of the morning, the wind picked up shifting the fallen leaves and litter about.
But high up another watched as the young woman disappeared a small smile playing on his lips thinking how he beautiful she was and how right she was about 'evil to feed evil' not a innocent was touched, that was the law but the evil doers were another story they often thought of themselves as janitors cleansing the world of the evil that plagued its land.
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Vampires gotta love em!
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